Bishop's Latin School
Alumni Association
The Bishop's Latin School Alumni Association was started years ago, with the goal to keep alumni in contact, to bring students to the school, and to foster vocations to the priesthood. After the school closed in 1973, the alumni association became inactive for a number of years. Then in 1996, the alumni association resurrected again in planning of a "reunion". Under the guidance of Fr. Joe Henry, SJ, and several alumni, a new alumni association was formed. Its mission was to foster vocations to the priesthood, working primarily with the seminarians at St. Paul Seminary
The association recently expanded its focus to include "high school affiliates" from the diocese program. These high schools students are in the process of discerning their vocations. The association has sponsored several masses, tours of St. Anthony's Chapel, and luncheons for these high school students and their families. The association has now recognized the importance of the Deaconate Program, and will continue to support anyone with that vocation. We have one alumnus already a deacon, and several currently enrolled in deaconate programs.

As a faithful witness for the good of the Catholic Church, the Bishop's Latin School Alumni Association will use all its energy, resources and talents to support and pray for high school students, the seminarians and the laymen in the deaconate program to fulfill their vocation to the Church. The Bishop's Latin School Alumni Association will continue to provide a stronger awareness to the dignity and worth of these special vocations.

Today's Vision