Bishop's Latin School
Alumni Association
Fr. W. David Schorr Installed as Pastor at
St Rita's and Resurrection Church

Thursday July 10th, 2008
As any good priest knows, no assignment is ever permanent. That's why our meeting last evening was a bittersweet one for the committee as it marked our last meeting at the Most Holy Name rectory. Father Dave Schorr is being transferred next week, so we'll be temporarily 'persona non grata' as a group. It must be said how grateful the Alumni Association is for the complete generosity that Father Dave has shown by hosting us these last few years. During that time, our organization has undergone unprecedented growth both in hosting our trademark 'Cardinal Wright Awards' as well as sponsoring various events based around developing vocations. During this same time, the Alumni Association, through its' successful fundraisers and prudent investments has managed to raise its' treasury to unprecedented levels. So many of these things happened because Father Dave Schorr was kind enough to open up his rectory to us and provide us with a delicious home-cooked meal while discussing the Latin School. We will always be in his gratitude for his generosity and kindness not only towards the Alumni, but also to Father Henry whom he also hosted for several years at the venerable old rectory on Troy Hill. As a priest, Father Dave's devotion to God is understood. As an alumnus of the Bishop's Latin School, the same can also be said for his devotion to preserving the ideals upon which our school was founded by John Cardinal Wright. Best of luck with your new assignments Father!

  Angelo Spagnolo, Secretary, BLS Alumni Association

St Rita's
Resurrection Church