Bishop's Latin School
Alumni Association
Rev. Joseph E. Henry, S.J.
Celebrates 60 Years a Jesuit
On July 30th, 2007, we celebrated Fr. Henry's 60th Anniversary with a concelebrated Mass at 7:00PM at St Anthony's Chapel. A dinner for Fr. Henry was held prior to Mass to honor his 60 years in the Society. A reception for all of Fr. Henry's friends and well-wishers followed the Mass at the School Social Hall.

August 3rd, 2007, Fr. Henry returned to Scranton, PA. The Alumni Association misses him dearly. Thank you, Fr. Henry for all your time, patience, and effort you have given to the Alumni Association.

Fr. Frank Almade ('71), Fr. Joe Henry SJ,
Deacon Steve Byers ('71)
Fr. Evanish, Fr. Joe Scheib, ('67), Fr. Greg Brown, Archbishop DiNardo ('67), Fr. Matthew Abba from Africa, Fr. Joe Henry, Deacon Steve Byers, (71), Deacon Greg Jelinek from Most Holy Name Parish.

Preparing for Mass

Archbishop Dan DiNardo ('67), Fr. Greg Brown OFM, Cap. ('72) & Fr. Joe Henry SJ
Archbishop Dan DiNardo ('67), Fr. Joe Henry SJ, Mr. Norb Sieber ('65) & Mrs.Sieber, Norb's mother(age 97).
Former students and friends gather before dinner.
Rev. Joseph E. Henry, S.J.
Most Rev. Daniel N. DiNardo, D.D.
Diocese of Galveston-Houston
The Concelebrated Mass
Fr. Lou Vallone ('65) delivers the Homily.
Fr. Joe Henry SJ, Fr. Lou Vallone ('65), Fr. Dave Schorr ('65), Pastor of Most Holy Name of Jesus.
Deacon Jelinek, Deacon Byers, Fr. Vallone
Archbishop DiNardo and the altar servers.
Archbishop DiNardo, Fr. Henry,
Deacons Greg Jelinek and Steve Byers.
Archbishop DiNardo and Fr. Henry

A few last goodbyes.

Fr. Matthew Abba, Fr. Robin Evanish, Fr. Joe Scheib, ('67), Fr. Joe Henry, Fr. Dave Schorr ('65), Fr. Greg Brown ('72), Archbishop DiNardo ('67), Fr Lou Vallone ('65), Deacon Greg Jelinek, Deacon Steve Byers, (71), Fr. Frank Almade ('71).
Fr. Henry receives his blessings.
Greetings after Mass.