Bishop's Latin School
Alumni Association
The  Albert F. Franc Jr. Memorial Scholarship
The Bishop Latin School Alumni Association held its annual John Cardinal Wright Awards Dinner at Tambellini's Restaurant on April 30. Mr. Patrick Franc, an alumnus of the Latin School, class of 1973, announced the establishment of the Albert F. Franc Jr. Scholarship. This scholarship, which is named in honor of Pat's father, will begin with the upcoming school year this fall, 2006, at $1,000.Projecting to 2010, this scholarship will compound to $4,000 per annum to sustain 4 concurrent high school students in the Diocese of Pittsburgh's Affiliate program.

Albert ('Pat') F. Franc, Jr. (b. 4/14/27 / d. 8/13/83) came from a blue-collar background growing up in Pittsburgh and was the father of nine children. Through hard work and countless sacrifices in supporting such a large family that included six sons, his dream was to provide a pre-eminent secondary education that manifested the best in Catholic values and faith. Striving to navigate through the numerous financial struggles of providing for such a large family, all nine of his children were educated for the most part in Catholic schools (elementary through college). Throughout his full yet shortened time on earth, Albert F. Franc, Jr. lived an exemplary life. He was devoted to his faith through active participation in his church and was an ardent supporter of Catholic education. He was particularly a champion of the underdog and the downtrodden in many ways and was generous beyond words with his wisdom and influence to both his family and fellow man. These values have been passed through his lineage in many ways in the years that have passed.

Patrick has established the inaugural award of $1,000 in the name of his father which will be awarded annually to a deserving young man who is about to enter high school and is seeking similar rewards of a Catholic education with a potential interest in entering the priesthood. Ideally, the successful candidate will enter a Pittsburgh-area Catholic high school, commencing with the school year of 2006-'07. The candidate will also need to demonstrate financial need. The candidates will be nominated by the Bishop's Latin School Alumni Association and Father Thomas Burke, Co-Director of Vocations of the Diocese. All candidates are asked to submit a written essay as to what their interests and goals are at this stage in their lives with regard to continued service to God and their fellow man.

A special thanks to the entire Franc Family for their generous donation for the future generations of both priests and laymen dedicated to service to God and the Church.

Any high school student interested in applying for the scholarship, can contact Fr. Tom Burke or any member of the Latin School Alumni Association.
Pat Franc accepts the John Cardinal Wright Award and announces the Albert F. (Pat) Franc Jr. Scholarship.

The Franc Family at the John Cardinal Wright Awards Dinner