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Bishop's Latin School History
The Bishop's Latin School was opened in September of 1961 by John Cardinal Wright, the Bishop of Pittsburgh, as the pre-seminary high school of the Diocese. With Rev. William J. Walsh, S.J., as the first Headmaster, the school was located on the third floor of the Holy Rosary School in Homewood. It remained in that location until September 1964 when it was relocated in East Liberty. The second Headmaster, Rev. Francis J. Dougherty, S.J., was appointed in the summer of 1965. These two Headmasters laid the groundwork for the academic excellence which was achieved during these early years of the school and which was enhanced by the achievement of its graduates.

In 1968, Rev, Walter A. Buckius, S.J., became President and Rev. Lawrence H. Jones S.J., Headmaster. Fr. Buckius assumed the additional position of Headmaster in 1970.

In 1970, the Latin School moved once again. This time it was to South Side. During these years the enrollment declined and, in the summer of 1972, it was announced that no freshman class would be accepted. Then on January 12, 1973, Bishop Vincent M. Leonard, D.D., announced that the Latin School would close with the semester ending in June. June 3, 1973 was the date of the ninth and last graduation of the Bishop's Latin School.

Though the closing of the school is a fact, we prefer to look at the beginnings. During the spring and summer, six members of the first graduation class were ordained to the priesthood. Other graduates, having completed college and graduate schools, are taking their places in various professions. So, while we feel the winter of our closing, we look forward to the spring. Through our Alumni, the Bishop's Latin School will continue as they strive, in whatever vocation God has given them, to bring to the people for whom they work the principles of Christ.

From the 1973 Crossier
Holy Rosary School
Rev. William J. Walsh, S.J.
Rev. Francis J. Doughterty, S.J.
Rev. Walter A. Buckius, S.J.
East Liberty Building
Rev. Lawrence H. Jones, S.J.
South Side Building
John Cardinal Wright, Founder
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