Original Bishop's Latin School Prospectus

Bishop's Latin School Bulletin 1963-1964

June 1963 Disaster Drill
Reverse side included to show what else was happening that day!

Bishop's Latin School Bulletin 1965-1966

BLS "Toughest School" (probably 1964)

"The Miter", Spring 1965

"The Miter", Winter 1965

"The Miter", Spring 1966

"The Miter", Winter 1966

"The Miter", Spring 1967

"The Miter", Winter 1967

"The Miter", Spring 1968

Greek Academy - April 1965

Greek Academy - Spring 1967

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This is a digital (pdf) collection of Latin School publications and other miscellany. It is by no means complete and contributions are always welcome.