Bishop's Latin School
Alumni Association
John Cardinal Wright Awards Dinner
July 24, 2005
And at the dinner...
Deacon Steve Byers, Fr. Frank Almade,
Fr. Dave Schorr, Archbishop DiNardo, Kim Schrek
St. Mary of the Mount Church
Kim Schrek, Fr. Dave Schorr,
Fr. Joe Henry, Fr. Frank Almade
Archbishop DiNardo delivering the homily.
The Concelebrated Mass at St Mary of the Mount
Greetings after the Mass in front of the church overlooking the city
John Cardinal Wright Awardees..
Fr. Lou Vallone ('65) has provided his time and effort to the sucess of the Alumni Association
Fr. Dave Schorr ('65) graciously hosts all the Alumni meetings and has been instrumental in our continued success
Past Chairman, Mr. Pat Joyce ('67) acknowledges the need for an organization like the Alumni Association
The First Chairman, Mr. Norb Sieber ('65), receives a John Cardinal Wright Award for his leadership in the Alumni Association
Everyone had a great time at Tambellini's